Valentine’s Day – Fun Ideas for a Date Night In

This Valentine’s Day might look a little too familiar. The past few years haven’t offered much in the way of fun, carefree outings, as different cities’ restrictions leave you and your significant other scrambling for ideas. But there’s nothing like a good date night in for a cozy, romantic Valentine’s Day. Here are a few ideas from us at for your Valentine’s Day date night at home.

Wine and cheese tasting night

An oldie but a goodie: Feel fancy on your night in and try out some of your favorite wines and cheeses.

Part of the fun of this is the anticipation: go out together and choose what you’re going to try. Maybe these are your favorite wines, or perhaps it’s something completely new. But by going out together and picking them out in advance, you’re guaranteed to think about it several times a day before the time comes to taste them together.

Break out your charcuterie board, plate the crackers and cheeses nicely, and see what you like! Perhaps you’ll find your palate too refined for certain combinations, or maybe you’ll both just be happy for an excuse to have that much cheese and wine. Either way, you’re in for a good time.

Game night

Have the headbands and hair elastics handy, because it’s about to get competitive. Or not, whatever works for you. Games are great for hanging out in an interactive way while thinking creatively, solving puzzles, or just trying wacky things together. Whether it’s the day’s latest Wordle or the Mario Kart Grand Prix, from Texas Hold ‘Em to It Takes Two, card games or video games, you can find ways to play together and work together and just have a fun night in.

Bake up a storm!

Savory or sweet, baked goods always brings people closer together. Sharing that space together and making something delicious is an amazing experience, and it tastes great too!* If you’re on a bread binge, or want to try making Arepas, then spend the week finding tasty recipes on Pinterest, to narrow down exactly what you want to make. Baking is a great way to make something fun and adventurous together, and have something delicious come from it.

*actual results may vary

Escape Room

Feel like you’ve been cooped up for too long? You’re not alone! Feel that catharsis with a DIY escape room. There are tons of tools online to help you set up your own tasks and puzzles, so if you’re the type of couple who likes to craft things and play games together, then this is the perfect date night for you. There are plenty of different puzzle ideas and instructions that you can find online, so why not try something different?

Spa Night

After a long day, sometime you just need a quiet, relaxing evening. Pick up some face masks, light a candle to set the ambience, and throw in those bath bombs you’ve been hanging on to. While taking care of each other, it’s important to also remember to take care of yourselves.

Take A Class Together

You’ve always talked about learning to dance, and now is a great time to learn how! Find a virtual dance class in the style that you like. Not into dancing? Try yoga. Or cycling. Bodybuilding. Whatever your speed is, there’s a class for you. Virtual classes are a great way to stay active while still having fun with your partner, whether you’re joking through it or if you’re both super competitive. There are tons of instructors online in every manner of class imaginable, so find something you both want to try and give it a go!

Paint Night

Twilight Paradise on easel in-studio set up

Show off your creative side with a paint night! You can pick up paints and canvases from your local art store, sit across from each other and paint whatever comes to mind. You can also give each other prompts to see how the other interprets it – think of it like a really fancy Pictionary.

Not feeling so creative? There are tons of painting tutorials on YouTube where you can see how they do it, and follow along (or go at your own pace) to put your own spin on things.

What Matters Most

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your partner is show them that you care. If big, romantic gestures are your way of doing that, then pull out all the stops! If smaller, more intimate gestures are more your speed, then great! As long as it shows that you’re thinking about them, and that you love them, you can’t go wrong.