It’s YOUR Ketubah! What to consider to make sure your Ketubah feels uniquely yours.

If you’ve been tasked with choosing the Ketubah for your wedding, you might be wondering: where do I start? Should I get the fanciest one, or something more understated? Should I get a historical design or a more modern piece?

The short answer is, you should get the Ketubah that best fits you and your partner. This is your wedding, after all, so get the one that screams YOU for all to hear! That being said – we’ve got a lot of ways to do that, so let’s get into it and talk about how to consider the different categories, different text options, and how to go about personalizing your text.

Gingko Spiral by Temma Gentles

Find your style

With so many designs to choose from, it can be difficult to pick just one! But, by looking through our various categories, you can get a sense of the different art styles in each category, and keep you focused on finding the perfect one.

Supernova Confetti Ketubah Toronto by Susanne McGinnis
Supernova Cofetti by Susanne McGinnis

If you like bright, bold colors and beautiful watercolor images, then look through our Giclee or Canvas collection. These designs feature bold pieces in a variety of sizes, and can usually be printed on paper, canvas, or stretched canvas.

Supernova Confetti - Layered Ketubah Jewish Wedding by Susanne McGinnis
Supernova Confetti – Layered

Finding your perfect tIf you love the artwork on those pieces, but want something that “pops,” then head over to our Layered Ketubah collection. This series of Ketubahs features some of our most popular designs, elevated by creating various layers to them and stacking them for a three-dimensional effect. These are quickly becoming some of our most popular designs, and when you see them, you’ll understand why.

Roots Papercut Luxe Ketubah Art by Enya Keshet
Roots Papercut Luxe by Enya Keshet

Want something more modern? Try our Papercut or Luxe collection Ketubahs. While papercutting is an old, storied art form, it’s become popular again in recent years, bringing a modern flair to these timeless pieces. These designs use negative space and layers to create these amazing statement pieces, perfect for couples with a classical/modern style.

Say it your way

So, you’ve picked out the perfect design. It fits perfectly with your personal style, and will look just as incredible hanging in your home as it will be displayed at your ceremony. The next important thing to ask is: what does your Ketubah actually say? Traditional Ketubah texts are rather contractual in nature, and in keeping with tradition, we have plenty of Orthodox, Sephardic, and Conservative texts. But if you and your partner are looking for something a bit more modern, then our Reform/Egalitarian, Secular Humanist, LGBTQ, and Interfaith texts might be right for you.

Life’s Journey for Reform/Egalitarian Couples

Most of the texts offered on our site include both a Hebrew and English section. Our English texts are unique to It’s important to note that while the English text is a translation of the Hebrew texts in the Reform, Interfaith, and LGBTQ text categories, but that is not so for the Orthodox and Conservative categories, where the English texts featured are merely an accompaniment to the more traditional Hebrew/Aramaic language.

If none of these texts are quite right for you, then you have the option to order your own Custom Text. You can write a text that’s completely unique to you, and we can even translate it into Hebrew for you, if you’d like. With endless possibilities, this is the perfect way to have a Ketubah that’s unlike any other.

Filling in your text

There are 2 different ways to go about filling in the details within your text. One is to have us fill in the Personalized details for you in matching calligraphy to the rest of the ketubah text, or, you can order it Unpersonalized, and write in  your names, wedding date and location within the text yourselves on the day of the ceremony. Most couples prefer to have us fill in the text, giving them the clean look seen in the images on our site, but others prefer to have the personal touch of a friend or Officiant fill in the details for you. Just make sure to let them know ahead of time, so that they know what to expect when they see the Ketubah!

If you decide to order the text Personalized by us, then your order confirmation email will include a link to your personalization wizard, and will walk you through submitting all those details.

With endless possibilities to prepare your Ketubah, we’re confident that we’ll be able to help you find one that’s perfect for you!