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Whether you are planning your wedding or looking for the perfect Jewish wedding gift, our Jewish Wedding Shop offers a curated selection of Jewish wedding ceremony essentials backed by’s legendary service. From an exquisite keepsake made up of the traditional breaking glass to a beautiful hammered wine goblet we’ve got you covered.

Wedding in a Box

What makes a wedding… Jewish? Our couples say: A Ketubah, a Chuppah, a Breaking Glass and a Wine Goblet. Introducing Jewish Wedding in a Box. Complete with Chuppah, Breaking Glass and Wine Goblet, it’s the perfect complement to your Ketubah and simple to order.

Exclusive Box
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3 Colors

From $570

Wedding Shop - Premium Box

Premium Box
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3 Colors

From $445

Wedding Shop - exclusive box

Essential Box
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3 Colors

From $250


The Chuppah represents a Jewish home symbolized by the cloth canopy held above the couple. Just as Abraham’s tent was open on all four sides, so too is your Chuppah, ushering an era of hospitality and openness into your new home. Since many people don’t wear a Tallit until they get married, the Tallit used as your Chuppah takes on extra significance.

Fabric Chuppah
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1 Color

From $125

Tallit Chuppah
2 Colors

From $215

Wine Goblet

During the wedding ceremony, the couple makes a blessing over wine. This is meant to signify the beginning of your new lives together as a married couple. We have two fantastic goblets to choose from.

Basic Wine Goblet
Yair Emanuel
1 Color

From $55

Premium Wine Goblet
Yair Emanuel
1 Color

From $75

Breaking Glass Items

Smashing the glass is one of the best-known features of Jewish weddings. It is meant to commemorate the destruction of the temple, while simultaneously marking the moment you begin your new lives together.

Our Mezuzah breaking glass will contain the fragments of glass from your wedding ceremony, allowing you to mark your new home with the moment you created it.

Dancing Under the Chuppah Mezuzah + Breaking Glass


Spring Mezuzah + Breaking Glass


Entwined Flowers Mezuzah + Breaking Glass



Ketubahs have a long, rich history that we aim to preserve and celebrate. You can find books here that explore the beauty and history of Ketubahs.

Love Letters

David Moss
2 Styles


We Now Have Gift Cards

We listened to you – and you can now support a couple with their Jewish wedding ceremony. Be it a traditional ceremony or a safe home wedding; by getting a gift card you are giving the lucky couple a choice of over 500 ketubahs!

$150 Gift Card


$300 Gift Card


$600 Gift Card