The New


If you’ve been visiting our website for a while, you may have noticed some changes lately. You don’t need to get your eyes checked—we’ve been working on self-improvement in the past weeks and we’re excited to showcase it for you.

Along with our site getting a facelift, we also redid our logo. However, most of the work wasn’t just cosmetic. In fact, most changes should make finding and receiving your dream ketubah as easy as possible.

New Features

Image: New and Old Logo

With over 500 ketubahs on offer, it can be tough to even start looking unless you know what you want, so we added some handy features to make starting a search easier.

We added a carousel to our main page. This isn’t just to dazzle customers with movement, but right now we’re using it to highlight offerings from our first ever sale, so that deal seekers can easily see what’s discounted.

We also added a Top Sellers showcase, because we often get asked what are the most popular ketubahs. Some couples want what’s in style, and others want more unique and less known designs.

Finally, we recently added a Rush Ketubah section. In this pandemic era of virtual and downsized weddings and rescheduling, the ketubah can be overlooked. We thought we’d collect the ketubahs we can turn around in one day, so even all couples can get a ketubah they love.

Easy Text Selection

Image: Text Selection

The text of a ketubah is its most important feature, and the body of the text can vary or even be customized. To make it easier to find the text you’ll need for your wedding, we have the rabbi/officiant tool which allows you to browse texts by rabbi or denomination. We continue to add new rabbis and categories to this tool, which (as far as we know) is unique to us!

Gift Cards

We recently added a gift card option, making it much easier to give the gift of a gorgeous ketubah to an engaged couple. Simply pick a value, purchase the card, and you’ll have a digital gift card emailed to you, which you can send to the lucky couple online, or print and give to them in person or through the mail!

Supportive Shopping

Photography: Taylor Grote

We’re supporting customers throughout their journey to the perfect ketubah. You can chat online or call us with any questions. We also have a FAQ section to answer any common question you may have.

Perhaps the best resource we have, which we introduced as a result of the pandemic, is free 15 minute ketubah consultations with experts, to help answer absolutely any question you may have.

Fresh Face, Same Service

Image From: Visuals

On our journey to provide the best ketubah shopping experience, we’ve delivered ketubahs to over 50,000 happy couples. Considering all the color, size, text, and material options, we offer 12.4 billion possible ketubah configurations. Not bad for a small specialty shop that started from a bedroom in 1996!

Planning your wedding and searching for the Ketubah of your dreams? Or shopping for the perfect gift for recently engaged loved ones? Now we have you covered with our all new Ketubah gift cards!