More Than Just A Ketubah

Fractal Bliss by Ruth Becker

Besides being a wedding contract which contains deep personal meaning, a ketubah is also a work of art. It’s something that beautifies your home and celebrates your marriage—and the beauty acknowledges and celebrates Hiddur Mitzvah (beautifying a mitzvah). Not only does it make your environment more attractive, and celebrate the beauty of marriage by mirroring it on paper, it celebrates our wedding traditions by being as beautiful and inspired as possible.

Before you make a choice, it’s important to find a style of ketubah art that really speaks to you, and then narrow down a specific ketubah. When a ketubah expresses you and your partner perfectly, it’s more than just a nice piece of art—it celebrates your happy union. This makes it something you can be proud to hang on your wall, and glad to see every day.

There are four styles of ketubah art that have become very identifiable and popular lately, and many people find the perfect example within one of these trends. We hope you’ll find an inspiring ketubah that speaks to you among these four trending styles.


Fusion Ketubah Toronto by Ruth Mergi
Fusion by Ruth Becker

The materials, patterns, and styles of contemporary art can prompt ketubah artists to create some spectacular designs. This trend generally includes fresh textures and bold colors mixed with uncomplicated patterns which can be geometric or natural. Ideal for the couple who desire their ketubah to blend into a modern home. Great examples of this style include the bold patterns and colors of Fractal Bliss, and the abstract naturalism of Fusion


Heart Vine Letterpress By Ruth Stern Warzecha

The floral style has a long history and is very popular. The seven species of Israel are often prominently featured in floral ketubahs, as well as other symbolic plants. Intricacy and detail are hallmarks of the floral style, which is very simply expressed in the lovely Heart Vine Letterpress. Floral art blends easily into other styles, too, as demonstrated in the beautiful Bouquet Papercut.


All My Love Gold Leaf

Some ketubahs pay homage to the styles of certain influential artists. Gustav Klimt’s art, for instance, has a clear influence on the talented ketubah artist Shell Rummel. From the bold and symbolistic All My Love and Fulfillment, to the more subdued and dreamlike abstraction of Reverie, we can trace a clear line of inspiration from one artist to the other.


Verona, Italy, 1733

 inspiration can be more recent as well, as The Heart’s Reflections proves in its allusion to Yaakov Agam’s Fire and Water Fountain. Lastly, the Isfahan, Persia, 1879 ketubah showcases a deep rooted history through visually strong imagery and meaningful text.

Bountiful Inspiration

Ketubah art contains a multitude of inspirations which can perfectly suit different aesthetic preferences. We encourage you to explore widely and find something which really speaks to you, and which you can be proud to display in your home. These four trends are just a taste: after all, the world of ketubah art is wide, and well worth seeing!