Supporting Local Ketubah Artists

We take great pride in being able to help people around the world find great ketubahs and support talented ketubah artists wherever they create.

With the whole world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping and supporting locally has become more important than ever. The purchase of a ketubah through us is one way to support artists and their communities, and a beautiful way to commemorate your wedding!

Since we print all ketubahs in house, it also helps us support our community! We’d like to highlight some of our artists, their art, and where they’re from:

New York

Supernova Confetti Ketubah Toronto by Susanne McGinnis

The talented Susanne McGinnis trained at the National Academy of Design and finds inspiration in ornamental and decorative art. Her versatility is demonstrated in the wide variety of ketubahs she’s designed, which range from intricate papercuts and inked art to painted pieces. We love her Supernova Confetti: an abstract, bold, and playful ketubah.

Circle Of Leaves Ketubah Toronto by Elyse Meyerson
Circle Of Leaves

Also hailing from New York is Elyse Meyerson, who studied art and design in New York and Jerusalem, and who designed for the Central Park Zoo! Elyse is a talented painter and has crafted many wonderfully detailed, floral-inspired ketubahs. Restrained designs with clean elements are her signature: we think that Circle of Leaves is a great example of her approach, a colorful explosion of intricate leaves wreathing the ketubah text.


Four Seasons – Layered

From California we have Jessica Kraft, who became interested in Jewish art history and ketubahs while studying as a Dorot Fellow in Jerusalem. Kraft’s careful brushwork is the foundation of many unforgettable ketubahs and artwork. The exuberant beauty, color, and form of the symbolic Four Seasons Layered aptly demonstrates her skill and care.

Starry Chuppah Ketubah Toronto by Hadass Gerson
Starry Chuppah

The talented Hadass Gerson received an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Institute and also lives and works in California. Her pieces are held around the world in private and public collections, in her ketubahs she uses watercolor to express the timeless beauty of nature. One can easily see this influence in her Starry Chuppah, an intricate and colorful design that combines astronomic and floral inspiration.

New Jersey

Tree of Life Metallic Papercut

Nava Shoham’s gorgeous ketubah designs come to us from New Jersey, and are treasured around the world in private homes and public galleries! With a focus on symbolism paired with lively colors, Nava’s ketubahs are unforgettable. We adore her glorious Tree of Life Metallic, which becomes more magnificent when paired with metallic flourishes of gold.

Blue Forest Metallic Papercut

Perhaps our most prolific artist, Judith Joseph has been creating ketubahs since the early 1970s, and has handcrafted over 450 original designs. Her remarkable approach combines strong colors with natural inspiration. A perfect example is Blue Forest Metallic Papercut, which combines the symbolism of the tree of life and chuppah with metallic accents and a stunning palette.


Love Period Ketubah Jewish Marriage Contracts by Baruch Sienna
Love Period

From Ontario, Baruch Sienna has been working with Hebrew designs and creating unique handmade ketubahs for a long time, as he was one of the first people to create Hebrew fonts on the original Macintosh Computer. This passion for calligraphy and design is symbolically highlighted in his Love Period ketubah which exemplifies “love” as a strong and bold statement.

The Solace of Beauty

Thanks to our customers, wonderful artists like those we’ve featured this week can support their communities and explore their remarkable craft. If nothing else, we hope this shows how ketubah art continues from sea to sea, and how you’re part of that.